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Tiffany and Billy's Birthday

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Tiffany and Billy's Birthday
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Happy Birthday Tiff and Billy Ray

I gave you strength this year to remember me and smile and now I ask you to find your own strength and let me fly and the strength you will find will amaze you. You are stronger than you think. I want you to grow and live this life as you would if I was there. My life and my death will live on through you so be proud of yourself and let your hearts grow and smile each and every day. I love you and will be here for you each day and will catcb you if you fall!

I will always be a part of you as You're a part of me. So do not be sad but CELEBRATE life for me and the times we shared.


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Happy Birthday Tiffany! What a year it has been for you and a stronger person you have become. I love you so very much and so proud of you each day. I love you so much! Happy Birthday! Mother



Love you Sister Sue and you know I am here with you each and every day! I never really left you I am just a whisper away!
Love from Heaven! D

Happy 27th Birthday
June 15,2009


Sep 26 2008 1:21 PM  Written By Billy Ray Bryant At the anniversary of Dustin’s first year in Heaven


Bestfriend- A person YOU choose to grind out life with. A person who honestly believes in you 100%.A person you cry to like a women because a woman hurt

The person who would never let you loose a fight. Even if you were winning. A bestfriend never says "get off my pool table" even when your drunk, butt naked, and eating cheese and tortillas. lol

A person who will pop a pimple on your back, and then massage your back too if it hurt. The person you trust over any and everybody.

The person who will never turn there back on you even if they don’t always agree with you. person you call when you cant spell a word correctly.

A bestfriend will trade blows in the face with you. bestfriend is flying from Yuma to surprise me for my 21st birthday.

A bestfriend always tried to get you that good girlfriend but when you get the girl your bestfriend gets mad because it’s now taking away time with your homie so they want you to break up. LOL

When your sad and have no one to lift your spirit, here comes your bestfriend.

A bestfriend never leaves you out to dry he buys a blow dryer.

You are just that and many more to me Dustin Rawls... I love you and cant believe the harsh reality of life. Looking at you’re my space page sometimes just hurts. Cant believe BESTFRIENDS- Dustin Rawls and Billy Bryant your gone. THATS DEEP............




Your Brilliant Smile
Will Always Make Me Smile
along with tears of
pride and honor to have you as my son.
Share With Me your Heart
And I With You
The love we have will never
be but a whisper away! And one like no other!
I love you!